One of the trickiest parts of creating a writer website is writing the About Me section. You want to share more about yourself with potential clients but you don’t want to overshare, either (no one cares that you still love The Sopranos and your favorite food is Mexican). So what exactly should you include about yourself?




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Describe how you realized writing was your destiny profession (but you don’t have to put it in such corny terms). If you majored in English or writing and graduated from an accredited university, definitely let potential clients know. What if you didn’t go to college? Then talk about how long you’ve been writing and what kinds of writing you’ve done (short stories, poems, newspaper articles, blogs, etc).


I almost wanted to write this one in all caps but I figured that would be too obnoxious. Still, I cannot stress this enough: you must state your niches. Imagine a business is looking for someone to write food-related content for them. They Google local freelance writers, find your site, and when they check your About Me page, there’s nothing on the type of writing you do. They check the next writer who pops up on Google, and sure enough, that person mentions one of their niches is recipe development and food. Guess who the client’s going to contact?


Sometimes where you live can give you an advantage, so always let potential clients know where you are based. A smaller business is much more likely to hire a local writer than someone who lives in LA or NYC. Maybe you only want to work with local businesses, too. Great, mention that on your About Me page.


Be sure to link to your Portfolio (if you have one), your blog (if you have one), and your Contact Me page (you should definitely have one). This keeps potential clients on your site and the longer they stay, the much more likely they are to reach out.

Creating your About Me page may seem daunting, but it’s really not that hard if you keep my tips in mind!